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Post by Dakayl » 18 Sep 2017, 17:56

During the WoD Berlin event, several larp community leaders have discussed, and I was one of them. And one of the resulting points was "we have similar problems, so we could talk more to each others, share more as a community". This forum is planned as a medium to share NPCs, settings, ideas, plots, ressources between larp creators, in a relaxed way.

And as there are a lot of national and international federations, this forum is also a way to know each others. We used to talk more back in the days, and it could be useful to get back to that habit nowadays.

I perfectly understand we're all buzy, so it's a slow paced forum.

Please note this in an individual idea, not endorsed by White Wolf or anyone else.
And this forum is obviously not intented to compete with the website.

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